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2D Render - Interior/Exterior

Why not give your blueprints a face?

Infiniti 4D creates models in a 3D format which is traditionally called 3D Modelling. 3D Modelling can not only give shape to your thoughts but it can highlight tiniest details including lighting, real-life effects, vegetation, fabric texture, and accentuates your property.

Be it the exterior of a property or interior, with the help of our 3D models, we create a 2D Render so photorealistic, the end user won’t be able to tell the difference between a 2D Render and real image.

View Samples of Exterior Renders View Samples of Interior Renders

Individual 360 Render

Ready to turn your project around by 360 degrees?

Unlike normal 2D image, 360 render is an interactive experience where user can see a panoramic view which covers 360 degrees horizontally and vertically covering all spheres from a single view point.

Lead Generation will soar through the skies when you have 360 view up your sleeve, even before construction of the project has begun.

Presenting the end user with one 360 render has proven to be more useful than viewing multiple 2D rendered images of the same room.

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3D 360 Virtual Tour

Why be available for just one client at a time?

Stay connected 24/7 with Virtual Tours of your property!

360° Virtual Tour is an online interface (website) to show 360 Degree Panoramas. The user can interact with the Panorama using their mouse by rotating it in all directions. Multiple 360 degree photos are interlinked using navigation buttons to put in front all necessary information of the property and might just convince you to actually visit the property.

Why Virtual Tour is a boon to your business?


  • We integrate marketing collaterals and direct call to action which helps in converting site visitors to engaged users.
  • According to a google survey, 48% of users were more interested in listings with Virtual Tours and 67% users wanted businesses to have Virtual Tours.
  • Websites with Virtual Tours are viewed 3 times longer than those without it.


  • With just one link you can share 360° Virtual Tours on Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS and Social Media.
  • All 360° Virtual Tour designs are mobile responsive so it will be easy to use on mobile as well as tablet, laptop or desktops.


  • Our 360° Virtual Tours save time & money as they solve the need of unnecessary site visits yet gives the end user a real time experience and no special software is needed to view them.
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3D Integrated into Reality

What if you could see the 3D model of a building which isn’t even constructed yet, in a real surrounding?

Our 3D models are versatile and can be integrated into a real 2D/360° photograph. 3D integrated into reality is not like a regular 3D Model or 3D rendered image, it gives the end users and designers a better understanding of how the project will look like in a real scenario and surrounding. Because of an experienced photography solutions team, our 3D models merge seamlessly in a real photograph and the output is photorealistic.

View Sample

Game Based Experience of Architectural Model

What if you can play or walk into a premise which is not created yet, and play as if you are playing PUBG?

Our Game based real time model is curated to give users a promising interactive environment. Unlike conventional walkthrough videos, Game Based Model is a seamless interactive experience with high resolution textures where users are placed inside the 3D Model like a game and can actually walk around their dream property without even being there.

This revolutionizing advancement in today’s technology is a step ahead in the future. It can assist the user in making space judgements as they can view everything from up close rather than a fixed view point, and can present true potential of a project that is yet to be constructed.

Can be played with Remote and VR goggles

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